Chamberlains is authorised to carry out audits for companies, charities, solicitors or grants in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


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Do you need an audit?

Most businesses and charities do not need an audit, exemptions have been widening and most people are glad to escape! For some, an “Assurance Report”, (a sort of audit-lite), may be appropriate – please ask for details. For those that are covered, the annual audit is generally thought to be something of an expensive nuisance, with no benefits except compliance with legislation.

Audits have become more challenging

Various financial scandals in large international companies  i.e. Enron, Parmalat, etc. brought about a re-think about how audits should be carried out. New International Auditing Standards (IASs) now apply to the UK.  As a result, many large auditing firms invested in new audit systems – which tend to be applied to clients of all sizes, whilst many audit smaller firms decided to no longer offer the services.

The made-to-measure approach at Chamberlains

Despite the above, many small and medium sized enterprises can still benefit from the more focused approach at Chamberlains. We tailor our work to your specific needs. We’ll keep you informed about our findings and recommendations, and we promise not to ask irrelevant questions or to swamp you with extra paperwork.

As a bonus, if it’s relevant, we will give you not only an audit report but also a Performance Review, analysing trends, comparing your business with others in your sector and making suggestions for improvements.

UK subsidiaries of foreign companies

If a non-UK investor wants to set up a business in the UK, they’ll want to be confident that:

(a) it’s done properly.

(b) that the accounts information gives a fair reflection of the financial position.

An audit by Chamberlains is the ideal way of achieving this.

Grant audits

Government grants are sometimes available to encourage business investment, but they will normally require an audit to ensure that the funding has been properly spent. Chamberlains have experience in various types of grant audit, both for capital and revenue-based grants and are happy to help.

Large companies frequently have large firms of auditors for their main audits,  but they often employ Chamberlains for smaller operations, for grant audits –  for a more focused and cost-effective approach.

Note: Details about our audit registration can be seen at, reference number C004926110.


I have known Paul Chamberlain in a professional capacity for about 20 years. This covers time when I was a Manager/Director with The Royal Bank of Scotland.

I first met Paul when the charity desk that I managed at RBS needed a firm of accountants to manage the audit of a large Naval charity for which we acted as the Treasurers. Paul oversaw the audit and never failed to produce the accounts for the charity in question on time and with the accuracy that one would expect.

We therefore asked him to undertake several other audits, again for military charities, where he continued to provide excellent service.

MFH Adler



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