If you have interests abroad, or require accountancy related translation services in the UK, Chamberlains can help.


multilingual accountant

Language skills

Within the firm we are fluent in and can speak, read and write:

and through our associates we have access to other languages.

Foreign property

If you are thinking of investing in a foreign property, don’t forget the finances. The French property market is an area of particular interest to us. Documents are often not in English, and if you’ll need to understand what you’re being charged if you want to claim the expenses against any tax due. If you’re resident in the UK and receive income from abroad (for example rent or proceeds from sale of a property) this needs to be shown on your tax return. Why not get Chamberlains to sort through the paperwork?

Other income from abroad

If you’re returning to the UK or thinking of working abroad, you need to be aware of which country will want your tax, and how will it all work. Savings are possible, with correct planning. The “residency” rules are complicated and will probably need review.

Foreign tax and laws

Whilst we can’t advise you on these, you may be surprised how different they are to the UK!

However, we can probably recommend a name or two of people who could help you, e.g. for french tax expertise you could try Kate Brehaut:  She’s English, but has wide experience of French tax.

To discuss your foreign language accountancy needs, please call +44 (0)1252 702600

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