Tax is high on the list of priorities for most people – if you’re not careful you can pay too much, and HM Revenue & Customs is always happier to receive it than to give it back to you!


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Avoiding the complications

We all want to save tax where possible and there are other potential opportunities too, especially if you plan in advance. Tax returns can be a minefield with so many different tax classes, all with their own ‘traps’ and each year’s Budget brings further updates and changes. Forms and returns have to be dealt with by the deadlines to avoid interest and penalties. Speak to Chamberlains about how you can get the most from your business.

Changes and developments

Under the former coalition government a number of updates were made. The Capital Gains Tax system was changed radically and rates were increased, making planning all the more important. Do you know how you are affected by the changes in Corporation Tax and Capital Allowances? And what about Inheritance Tax? This too has been changed in recent times. Chamberlains are up to date with the latest changes in tax rules and can help you to understand your individual circumstances.

We can help

At Chamberlains we have many years of experience of both personal and business taxes and can ensure that your tax returns are optimised.


Many thanks for sorting out my tax affairs, a great weight off of my mind.

Dave Cannon


Just a short email to say thanks for submitting my personal tax return so swiftly. I have already received the tax rebate. Marvellous!

Angela Austin


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