Charities are another specialist area where our experience can help you.  Paul Chamberlain has a Diploma in Charity Accounting – an additional qualification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants to reflect expertise in this area.

New legislation

The Charities Act 2006 swept more organisations into the Charity Commission’s net, and trustees and treasurers are still getting used to the accounting Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP 2005) with all the extra disclosures needed in the accounts. The 2013 edition of Church of England guidance, brought out to include the Charities Act 2011, is 50% longer than its 2006 predecessor.

External review

There’s a lot to keep track of and Trustees have a duty to ensure that they’re following best practice. At the same time, it’s also essential not to waste the assets of the charity, so they’re often conscious of costs of advice. Because of the need for public trust, Charity regulation requires an outside review of the accounts but at a lower level than limited companies, and many charities find themselves caught up in unexpected extra costs. Voluntary help is not always available and a non-specialist trying to master it in their spare-time is not necessarily the right answer.

Current issues

In the current climate there’s more pressure than ever on charities to help in their appointed areas – but available resources and grants are often reduced. This can lead to questions as to the viability of the charity and even personal liability of the trustees in some circumstances. There may need to be a careful review of the funds, for example to see whether a restricted fund contains designated funds that could be used for general purposes if redesignated.

We can help

At Chamberlains we have years of practical experience with many kinds of charity, and we understand your needs. We can carry out Audits and Independent Examinations in a tailored manner to fit the circumstances and we have frequently presented the final accounts to trustees or general meetings.


I found Chamberlains extremely helpful on matters appertaining to charity accounts and always quick to respond to queries. Particularly like also the news letter sent out so regularly and so helpful drawing you to latest developments.

Brian France



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